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Race for the Cure Fundraising App Now Available!

February 2014

Download our FREE mobile app to help boost your fundraising efforts for the 2014 Komen Mid-Michigan Race for the Cure. You can log in with your Race username and password, making it possible to send emails, text messages, Tweets and Facebook updates! Click here for information on how to download and use this app.

Survivor Spotlight: Lori's Story

February 2014

My name is Lori Eastman and I am a breast cancer survivor. To read my story, please click here.

Honorarium and Memorial Donations

October 2013

Would you like to celebrate the life of a friend, relative or colleague who is a breast cancer survivor or honor the memory of someone who has lost their fight with breast cancer? To make a memorial or honorarium donation, please click here.

Important Information for 2014-2015 Komen Mid-Michigan Community Grants Cycle

October 2013

The 2014-2015 grant cycle is underway! We are grateful to the many friends of Komen Mid-Michigan who work tirelessly to raise funds and awareness for the fight against breast cancer.  Now is the time to start the process of putting those funds into thoughtful, impactful action for the next grant cycle. As an affiliate of Susan G. Komen, we have the privilege to fund both Community Grants and Small Grants.  The Community Grants are generally larger in dollar amount. This past grant cycle we have been able to grant across the continuum of care.  We have grantees that are serving our area through education, screening mammograms, diagnostic testing, survivorship programs and combinations of the above. We have Small Grant applicants who are currently applying and we are looking forward to the continued impact, results and stories of the 2013-2014 grant cycle.

The grant process begins with the Community Profile which is updated every four years. The Profile gives applicants statistics and trends that will help them shape their applications and has been slightly updated for this year. Next is the Request for Application which delineates the perimeters for the application.

We will be holding grant writing workshops for all applicants again this year. Attending a grant workshop is mandatory for all applicants who are not current grantees and is highly recommended for current grantees. 

When the application process opens, applicants will apply utilizing Komen’s Grant eManagement System (GeMS).  To access GeMS go to on or after 10/7/13.

Important dates for the grant cycle April 1, 2014-March 31, 2015:

  • Wednesday, December 11, 2013 promptly at 5:00 p.m. EST Deadline for Community Grant applications 
  • Wednesday, March 12, 2014 Community Grant awards notification

We are excited to see what creative and thoughtful applications we receive this year.  Please let those who might be interested know about our grant programs. You are welcome to contact our Mission Programs Director, Lisa Bauer, with any questions at

Olivet 7th Grade Football Team Joins in the Fight Against Breast Cancer
October 2013

The 2012 football season was close to starting as I took my son, Devin, shopping for new cleats, a mouth guard, and all the other accessories he needed for football. As Devin was picking out his gear, he tried to get whatever he could in pink. He told me he wanted to wear the color for his Aunt, Annette Andrews, who underwent surgery and treatments and is now a breast cancer survivor. His enthusiasm encouraged me to contact the Mid-Michigan Susan G Komen office to ask for stickers for the entire team to wear. The pink ribbon clings they provided stuck perfectly to the white helmets and I bought matching pink shoe laces for the whole team as well. A lot of the players also chose to wear pink socks to show their support. 

As the 2013 football season rolled around I was surprised when the whole team asked me if they could get the pink ribbons and shoe laces again. As a result, the 2013 seventh-grade team is once again decked out in lots of pink. The team roster that makes its way up to the announcer during their games explains why we have so much pink out on the field. It is nice to hear this read over the loud speaker to the crowd:

“October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month – The Olivet seventh-grade football team is pink in HONOR and MEMORY of those we know who have been touched by breast cancer.  PINK IS THE NEW GREEN.”

Cancer has touched all of us in some way which was clear when I asked the football team to tell me why they wear pink. Shown below are just a handful of the responses:

  • Devin Roiter: I am wearing pink for my Aunt Annette.  Pink reminds us to NEVER stop looking for a cure.
  • Chase Dziobak: I am wearing pink for my mom.  She had a bi-lateral mastectomy last year. Finding a cure is important.
  • Jadon Almanza: I am wearing pink in honor of my Mom.
  • Nick Heikkila: I am wearing pink in memory of my Aunt Becky.
  • Alex Stolberg: I am wearing pink in honor of my Grandma.
  • Cam Maurer & Payton Fleming: I am wearing pink in honor of Annette Andrews.
  • Dylan Wireman & Nathan Powers: I am wearing pink in honor of my Aunt Casey Wireman.
  • Ryan Buiskool: I am wearing pink in memory of my uncle Joe.

I am proud of the Olivet seventh-grade football team’s campaign to spread breast cancer awareness and consider myself fortunate to be able to assist them in their effort.

Ann Roiter
Komen Mid-Michigan Supporter and Co-Survivor

Komen Mid-Michigan on the Tour de France!

July 2013

Rider Steve Widder will be cycling 60 miles during the 2013 Ride for the Cure®  An avid cyclist, Steve is currently in France riding and catching part of the Tour de France.  He even took his past Ride for the Cure jersey with him to show off his pink along the way.  While Steve has participated in countless rides, in many parts of the world, the Ride for the Cure holds special meaning to him and he wanted to share his thoughts and personal inspiration.

Breast Cancer is a global battle. It matters not whether you are in the Alps in France or the flatlands of Mid-Michigan.  It rages devastation and destruction everywhere it goes.  It can follow you and seek out your family and your friends and maybe even yourself.  My grandmother was ravaged and taken from me by the big C.  My two sisters are breast cancer survivors.  While I can't change the past, I can do something to help protect the future - my two daughters and my two granddaughters.

For a cyclist, to summit the famous climbs of the Tour de France, well, that's just nirvana.  The feeling is exhilarating and unforgettable, the views are awesome and inspiring.  But the satisfaction of contributing to the demise of breast cancer and the protection of our families and friends dwarfs even the grandest of mountain peaks and takes life and its meaning to a whole new level.

This is why I partcipate in this most important victory ride  - The Ride for a Cure."

- Steve Widder

YMCA Turning Point Program: Patty Gentry's Story

July 2013

I am very grateful I have this opportunity to tell you how much the Turning Point program has meant to me. I want to share my story with you as a cancer survivor in order to help you understand how much the Turning Point program helped me through my journey. Every survivor has a story. Many of these stories are far more sad and challenging than mine. I am incredibly grateful for all my blessings.

After I was diagnosed and during my chemotherapy, my husband couldn't handle my situation and his actions and reactions resulted with a very sad divorce.  After my mastectomy and once chemotherapy was completed, I felt alone, weak, and sad.  I had to re-invent myself.  My children were and still are very supportive.  However, I didn't want to be a burden to them.  So after weeks of being a recluse in my house, I realized I needed to make a change. 

During chemotherapy, I remembered seeing a Turning Point flyer in the hospital.  I made some phone calls and scheduled a day to come to the Y to learn more about this program.  I am so grateful I made that phone call. I couldn't believe there was actually a program that offered free one-on-one help and encouragement for breast cancer survivors.  I didn't have the best self-esteem at that time so being around people who really cared about my physical as well as emotional health seemed too good to believe.  The trainers targeted all the areas on my body that were weak.  I could easily see they had researched the effects of breast cancer and they knew how to help all of us.   I enjoyed going to a yoga class just for cancer survivors.  I noticed my balance was not as good as it was before I was diagnosed. Our instructor showed me yoga positions that helped restore my balance.  I also enjoyed our instructor’s cheerful and positive attitude.

During the past two years since I've been with Turning Point, I have been going through gradual breast reconstruction.  This meant that I would have an outpatient surgery and then once I healed from that operation, I would undergo another surgery.  The Turning Point program helped me quickly recover my strength so I could go back to each surgery.  I know my recovery process was aided greatly by going to the Y and working out with the other survivors. 

Another important part of the Turning Point program is the socialization.  Two years ago, I was feeling very alone.  I am so grateful I found a place where I was surrounded with instant friends.  These friends were especially wonderful because they were fellow survivors.   So in-between our sometimes grueling workouts, we found time to talk about how we were feeling, discuss the medicines we were taking, and just get to know one another.  If all those factors weren't enough, we also had group outings that were fun, relaxing, and another way for all of us to get to know each other.

Well as you can see I am amazed by Turning Point.  It has helped me get through what I hope will be one of my most difficult times of my life.  I am grateful to Susan G. Komen Mid-Michigan and the Y Center for offering such an awesome program.

Being a part of the Turning Point program literally turned my life around.  I could have continued to be a sad and lost individual.  Instead this program helped heal my body and my mind.

Thank you for allowing me to share my story,


Spartans for the Cure Receive National Recognition

March 2012

The Mid-Michigan Affiliate of Susan G. Komen® has had the pleasure of working with Spartans for the Cure™, for the past two years.  During this short time, these students have had an incredible impact, not only on our operations, but also on Mid-Michigan communities.   Recently, the efforts of these students were recognized at the National level as they received the Susan G. Komen Volunteer Group of the Year Award at the Susan G. Komen Leadership Conference in Fort Worth, TX. 

Spartans for the Cure is a Michigan State University (MSU) student volunteer group founded in partnership with the Mid-Michigan Affiliate of Susan G. Komen.  The mission of Spartans for the Cure is to spread breast cancer awareness throughout MSU’s campus and the community. The organization utilizes its strong student base to mobilize advocates in the fight against breast cancer.  As you will see below, these students engage in community outreach activities, breast health education initiatives, fundraising activities and general Affiliate volunteer support.

MSU students and Komen volunteers, Alex Shesterkin and Julie Barrons Co-founded the organization in 2010, and now lead the organization as President and Vice-President respectively. An executive board of students was chosen in the fall of 2010, and the first general meeting was held that September. The development of the organization has been incredible.  In the groups first year they engaged over 70 students, created an executive board, established a mission, by-laws and a sustainability plan to ensure that the group continues long after the founding leadership graduates.  In addition to building a foundation for a successful and sustainable student organization, in its first year, Spartans for the Cure worked hard to raise over $24,000 for the Mid-Michigan Affiliate of Susan G. Komen®.  

The success of Spartans for the Cure is a testament to the commitment, hard work and passion of these young adults.  They are a wonderful representation of Michigan State University and great ambassadors for Komen Mid-Michigan.  They should truly be commended for their commitment to Komen as well as to the greater Mid-Michigan community.  We cannot accurately portray how grateful we are to work with such incredible volunteers!